Vehicle Data

Which vehicle data do we need from you?

In the old vehicle registration document and the old vehicle title, the required numbers are in fields 2 (manufacturer key number) and 3 (type key number) and the first registration (year of manufacture).

old vehicle registration document
Bild von alten Fahrzeugschein



In the 'new' vehicle registration document and the 'new' vehicle title you will find the manufacturer key number under 2.1 and the type key number under 2.2 as well as the date of manufacture.

new registration document

Bild vom neuen Fahrzeugschein


If your vehicle is a so called RE-import / EU import ( 3 or 2.2 are 'zeroed out' 000000), we need from you additionally:

Vehicle manufacturer ( e.g. VW )

Vehicle model ( e.g. Golf V )

Power in KW ( e.g. 75 )

Displacement ( e.g. 1998 )

Date of manufacture, approval date (e.g. 17.07.09)