Meguin Schalöl wasserlöslich

Meguin Schalöl wasserlöslich
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Content: 200 liters (€3.94 * / 1 liters)

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Emulsifiable demolding oil. Mainly used in construction engineering and underground... more
Product information "Meguin Schalöl wasserlöslich"
Emulsifiable demolding oil. Mainly used in construction engineering and underground construction as well as in the concrete products industry and mainly in the use of timber formwork. To be used on metal formwork only if a component is not demolded immediately but left to cure in the mold in a vapor bath. For new or little used shuttering boards we recommend as the concentration for use a mixing ratio of 1 part oil to 10 parts water. 1 part oil to 20 parts water is sufficient for well-used shuttering boards which are thoroughly soaked with oil. Mixing of the emulsion is achieved by stirring in the oil in a batch of the mixing water. The emulsion is applied by smearing or spraying as soon as possible before concreting. Enables clean and easy demolding, good curing, smooth surfaces and is economic to use.
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