CASTROL Magnatec Hybrid 0W-20

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  • CL-0W20-M-Hybrid-1
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Hybrid vehicles are different. The engine operates intermittently, swapping to electric power... more
Product information "CASTROL Magnatec Hybrid 0W-20"
Hybrid vehicles are different. The engine operates intermittently, swapping to electric power at low speeds to move the vehicle. In typical urban driving the engine may only be in use for short periods before switching back to electric power so it is ofen running cooler than a non-hybrid.
Incredibly some hybrid engines can stop, switch to electric and re-start 500,000 times during their lifetime – that‘s 10 times more than a non-hybrid*.
These lower temperatures and many more re-start moments create more contamination beacuse without the extra heat from the engine, water and other contaminants remain in the oil. All these hybrid challenges make it harder for the oil to protect against damaging engine wear.

Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-20 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and hybrid vehicles where the manufacturer recommends an API SP, ILSAC GF-6 or earlier specification 0W-20 lubricant, including hybrid engines.

  • SEA 0W-20
  • API SP
  • ILSAC GF-6

Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-20 helps protect against the specific issues that challenge hybrid engines. Its unique DUALOCK Technology Clings like a magnet and Locks together, forming a powerful forcefield of wear Protection, providing 50% better protection from low temperature** and re-start*** engine wear.

Castrol MAGNATEC Hybrid 0W-20 delivers against HYSPEC – Castrol’s new standard for hybrid performance****.

* Based on Castrol testing of mild engines representing an estimated 45% of the 2022 global hybrid parc.
** Tested versus the Sequence IVA API SN wear limit.
*** Tested versus the CEC OM646LA ACEA wear limits.
**** Across critical areas of contaminants, engine intermittency and system efficiency.
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