Motul Cetane Booster Diesel

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  • MT-CETANBOOST-1x300ml
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MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL is a cetane index booster for Diesel fuels used in all types of... more
Product information "Motul Cetane Booster Diesel"
MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL is a cetane index booster for Diesel fuels used in all types of Diesel engines, either indirect or direct, turbocharged or naturally aspirated, with or without DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), using all types of Diesel fuels and biodiesels. MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL increases the cetane number by up to +5 points. Mixed with fuel, it allows:
  • Improved combustion and performance
  • Prevents knocking phenomenon and abnormal combustion

Efficient combustion is a prerequisite for optimum engine operation. By increasing the diesel cetane number, MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL allows:
  • Better combustion and better performance
  • Faster start-ups and accelerations
  • Preservation of the combustion chamber cleanliness
  • Limitation of noise and vibration by reducing engine knocking

The use of MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL will ensure:
  • Improved engine performance and driving pleasure
  • Improved combustion performance: start-up, idling and acceleration
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions

  • Pour one whole can of MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL in the Diesel tank before refueling. A can is enough for Diesel fuel tanks up to 50 liters.
  • Then use MOTUL CETANE BOOSTER DIESEL regularly for optimum performance.
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