MANNOL Universal Multipurpose Grease MP2 Ester

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  • ML-MP2-1x4500g
  • 8027
  • 4036021801049
  • 4.5 kg
Multipurpose grease for general use based on highly refined mineral oils with lithium... more
Product information "MANNOL Universal Multipurpose Grease MP2 Ester"
Multipurpose grease for general use based on highly refined mineral oils with lithium soap-based thickener and the addition of synthetic esters, special anti-oxidative as well as anti-corrosive additives.

  • The presence of synthetic esters significantly increases the anti-wear, anti-seize and anti-friction properties of the grease.
  • Keeps its performance properties from -30 °C to +120 °C, which increases the service life of the bearings.
  • Has good water resistance.
  • Protects reliably against corrosion in soiled environments for long periods of operation.
  • Excellent mechanical and oxidation stability.
  • The consistency of the grease remains constant during long-term storage. Shelf life 5 years from the date of production.

  • High-speed slide and roller bearings.
  • Bearings of electric motors and electric generators, pumps etc..
  • Closed bearing units with lifetime lubrication.
  • Developed for use in all types of mobile machinery as well as for general industrial applications.

Observe the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating manual of the machinery!
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