AVISTA HYD HLP-D 32 hydraulic oil

AVISTA HYD HLP-D 32 Hydrauliköl
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  • AA-HLPD32-1x20
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  • 19.8 kg
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Product information "AVISTA HYD HLP-D 32 hydraulic oil"
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AVISTA HYD HLPD 32 is formulated with parrafinic base oils and modern additive technology. Effective zinc-containing components ensure optimum lubrication and long-lasting protection against aging. The product can be purified in the process through the finest filtration without losing any active components. Due to the very high viscosity index, the lubricating effect of the oil is retained even at high temperatures. By dispersing and detergent additives, the soil-carrying capacity is optimally adjusted and the product is particularly suitable for centrally supplied plants.

Application / Application line:


  • SAE 32

  • DIN 51524-2
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